Ties and Their Importance | fashion and accessories

Men and women alike are required to conform to particular attire protocols for special occasions and events. That would entail gowns and suits for formal events and cocktail dresses for casual functions. This is important to consider since what you wear pretty much influences how people will perceive you during a gathering. It does not help your reputation at all if you sport a shabby look during a wedding or tea party. As such, the attire you put on should include not only the main pieces of a formal suit – such as the shirt, vest and pants – but also the necessary accessories, like the bowtie and cummerbund, as these are considered vital components of men’s formal wear. Add-ons like bowties and cummerbunds are usually in black, giving them versatility. Thus, explains why a black bow tie, as an accessory, is commonly sighted in both formal and casual social gatherings.

Ties are part of the standard formal and semi formal attire for men and they add aesthetic value to the ensemble. Ties allow wearer to complete a debonair personal style and impress in the function they are to attend. Such accessories also help them exude more confidence and achieve a more interesting appearance. Unlike suits, which are usually limited in color and in style; accessories such as ties are available in various colors, patterns and designs. Men can choose either skinny or wide ties, depending on the theme of the formal event they are to attend. Moreover, men can opt to wear an assortment of colored ties, aside from a black bow tie, to represent their individual fashion sense. The bowtie and cummerbund may also be matched with a list of other accessories such as hankies and undershirts, for greater personalization. Reasonably speaking, ties are considered the most flexible part of a man’s attire.More often than not, men’s formal wear are usually patronized by individuals of higher standing – typically tycoons and socialites – who can afford the demanding ensemble. These people often wear black bow tie accessories made from high quality silk fabrics. Though expensive, these ties are still among the most handpicked ties for exclusive formal parties and business events. These materials are also popular among men in social gatherings such as award nights and ceremonies.Black tie, as we all know, is considered a basic component of a suit. So aside from being a must during special social gatherings and business engagements, this accessory is also applicable for everyday use, particularly among corporate heads that need to look respectable. Wearing mens formal wear will not only provide a person the nobility he needs to look decent and reputable, it also will send off the message that he is someone superior.

Historically, black ties started to make waves in the fashion industry back in the mid 80′s. However, their influence has remained strong through the years. Black bow ties are now essential parts of men’s formal and semi formal suits and even form part to some school and work uniforms.